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Karyn Dowdall is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher, who uses her personal story and her passion to motivate, educate and inspire others who are making big changes in their lives.  The role of a Recovery Coach is to help people recognize where they are at with their addictions and to transition to a more vital lifestyle. Karyn is available to help you make the changes you need to live a healthier, happier life. 

Karyn’s story is very much like that of the mom next door – or the actual truth about the mom next door. Until December 2016, Karyn would drink red wine after work almost every day. She was joining what she perceived to be millions of other women doing the same thing, as she poured the second or third glass on any given evening.

Perception was what finally sparked change for Karyn, as she became increasingly aware that her ‘after work de-stressor’ had become an unhealthy addiction. She realized the throngs of people she believed to be partaking along with her, existed only in cyberspace and greeting cards. She was drinking alone, feeling disconnected, stressed and depressed.

The experience of facing addiction, understanding depression and eventually changing almost every aspect of her life - was a true evolution for Karyn.

Many of us just go on with our daily routines, despite the crippling stress of the workplace, the gnawing pain of a mediocre marriage or the extra body weight bringing us down. To compound this stress, we can also expect to cope with death of loved ones, divorce or serious illness. Addiction rears its ugly head in all forms when we are feeling stuck. We numb our pain, just to get through another day.

Recovery coaches can help people to find the courage to make the changes necessary to overcome addiction, change jobs, build new relationships and let go of the past. They remind us we are still faced with challenges and struggles every day, but once we learn how to make conscious changes and live without succumbing to addiction, we become available for greatness and joy in life.

Life & Recovery Coach, Certified by the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC)
Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC Dual)
She Recovers Coach, Coaching Designation (SRCD)
Addiction Studies Certificate, Mount Royal University  Calgary, AB Canada
Yoga Teacher, RYT200 through Inspired Life Yoga Teacher Training with Maria Carr, Flowyoga Studio, Port Perry, Ontario.
Karyn is available to provide events and speak for your group.
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