Getting Unstuck


When we are feeling stuck in life, we tend to turn to our addictive habits to cope with frustration. We drink, eat or smoke when we are bored or stressed.

We choose this addictive route for few reasons - it’s familiar, it’s fast and it’s easy. We know there may be other ways to deal with our situation, but we perceive these other ways to be difficult, so we don’t pick them. We take what we think is the path of least resistance.

It turns out the true path of least resistance is to embrace your situation, and work through whatever is making you feel stuck. It may in the short-term seem more difficult than having a cookie or a glass of wine, but in the long-term, when you face your problems head on, you become unstuck faster, build resilience and gain access to your joy!

Living an addiction-free lifestyle greases the wheels of productivity, learning and progress. Change doesn’t seem as hard, and ideas seem more possible. This is because your brain has the freedom, in it’s chemical state of homeostasis, to support you as you work to achieve your dreams. Your organs and physical body are available to help you work hard and stay energized as you persevere through challenges. Your body and mind can focus on you, rather than on repairing themselves from the damage done by using drugs.

If you are struggling with an addiction, it may seem impossible to imagine a substance-free life because the substances we lean on work so quickly. When the pain is intense, it can be hard to buy into the idea of clean living, for long-term gain.

But I assure you it is indeed worth the wait. As someone who has experience with feeling stuck as both an addicted person and as a sober person, the later is the better way to be. Feeling stuck as an addicted person feels depressing and never-ending. It is a miserable state of being. Being sober and feeling stuck feels like a puzzle or a game. It is an invitation to get creative and solve your way up to the next level in life.

The first thing to do if you are considering becoming sober is to visualize your life in the long-term. Ask yourself what you really want, and begin making a list of potential ways to achieve it.

Know that with practice and time you can build strength, endurance and resilience and the rewards will be countless. The freedom and movement you will experience will be amazing.

The other thing to keep in mind is you don’t have to do it alone. When your mind is clear, you are much more able to connect and work together with others. You will find strength through support from a sober community. If you don’t have a community yet, start here… I am just like you. Let’s chat.