Five ways to feel fantastic, for those who choose to live alcohol free.

A big part of living alcohol free is learning how to feel great and have fun. Yes, I said “learning” because bringing back joy takes practice and skill. Up until the time you decide to quit drinking, most of your fun was somehow wrapped up (paired with) booze. After drinking for a long while the joy in the experience comes strictly from the buzz and no longer from the activity. Did you ever find yourself sitting with people, drinking, and wondering what it was you ever had in common? Have you ever wondered if you would do half of the things you were doing if alcohol wasn't involved? Once you decide to quit, it comes time to re-visit what and who actually brings you joy. What is fun for You? What's your dream?

Here are a few ways to get back in touch with what makes you happy.

Stretch your awareness muscle: practice visualization. Go back to your childhood and remember the things you did just because you got a kick out them. Did you like to play games outside? Roller coasters? Dungeons and dragons? Crafts and creative art? Music? Sit with that visualization and try to picture how that kind of fun would look for you now. Warning: you may get super inspired and run outside to bust out a cartwheel… be careful. That can hurt in your 40s or 50s (if you don't stretch ;)

Pay attention to coincidences: when you find yourself thinking of something you want, or someone you want to connect with, and suddenly they appear, or a sign presents itself - pay attention to that. You are making things happen. You are manifesting your future. Get specific about what you want and enjoy the benefits of making the law of attraction work for you.

Appreciate your gifts. In a moment of self doubt or insecurity remember your greatness and spread the love. The other day I felt sorry for myself and arrived in a miserable state to my yoga class. Then things changed. I realized there were people there who needed me, who were asking for the gifts I had to share. I had the tools and the energy to help them through their tough times. Being able to help others can fill you up. And I mean really fill you up more than any chemical depressant like alcohol could ever do.

Practice laughing. It takes muscle to laugh so build those smile muscles. Learn some jokes, always be prepared. Watch funny movies and find fun people to spend your time with. Make time in your day for silly stuff. I like to laugh with my kids. They are quite hilarious. If you don't have kids to make you laugh, find that funny colleague, or friend. If you don't have one of those, go to a comedy club or to Netflix. Find the funny and silly people in your life to help spark your joy.

Embrace your good health. Because you have made the amazing choice to bring good health to your body and mind you have made yourself unstoppable. You have given yourself back your power. Now that you have a clear mind and healthy organs you can do and be anything you want to be. Your dreams really can come true. Experiment with this. Pick a goal and go for it. You will be so amazed and pumped by how easily things come to you now. You cleared the path for your own accomplishments. There is no end to what you can do for yourself. Including connecting with people and celebrating life.

So go out and do great things today with a smile on your face. Really good things are going to happen for you.