Out of the mud, blooms a thousand-petaled flower.

The philosophy of yoga uses the thousand-petaled white lotus flower as a symbol of inspiration. This flower is said to rise up from deep down in the muck and blossom into a beaming white oracle. We are also meant to rise up from the darkness and bloom.


The muck for me, is called depression. Like the lotus flower, I have had moments of rising from the darkness and sharing my gifts with the world, only to watch my pedals fall off and my stem rot. And then I must start over.

Just as nature is an ongoing process of growth and decay, so is my depression. Every stage in the cycle has value. I have come to accept that the dark times need not be dreaded. In nature, this is when the nurturing and development happens. In the cycle of depression, the dark times are when the learning and healing happens.

However, one can get stuck in the mud. When this happens, a little fertilizer may be in order. If you are feeling stuck and need a boost, here are some tips. I made this list to help me out of my depression. Please use it to help yourself blossom:

To move out of sadness and into happiness, practice gratitude.

To move out of insecurity and into confidence, practice affirmation.

To move out of anger and into calm, practice compassion.

To move out of bitterness and into kindness, practice charity.

To move out of exhaustion and into feeling energized, practice self-care.