What you did this morning can tell you a lot.

wake up.jpg

Take a moment to think back on your day from the moment you woke up to this very moment. Did you wake up to an alarm? Did you hit snooze? What kind of mood were you in when it went off? Why was it set for that particular time? What were you wearing? Did you stretch or drink water or pray before you woke up? Who was there? How did your morning unfold? How much was planned? How much was routine? What happened randomly? Did you eat breakfast, exercise or write? Did you meditate, watch the sunrise or hustle off to work?

Tara Brach says “The way you live today, is the way you live your life”. It is not our title or label that defines us, but the little things we do every day. For example, if you chop vegetables and prep for meals each day, you will be a good eater and healthy person. If you are kind to people and do good deeds you will live a connected life full of friends and community. If you make your bed in the morning you will appreciate your bedtime ritual and sleep well.

So the question is… Who do you want to be? Once you figure that out, the next question is: What kinds of things does that person you want to be, do on a daily basis? If your current actions are not in alignment with that of the person you are becoming, ask yourself… What needs to change about my daily routine that will bring forth the new me?

I asked myself who I wanted to be and decided the person I am becoming is organized, professional, positive, productive, genuine, loving, healthy and inspired! Alas, some changes need to be made to my daily routine!

Organized: In addition to my google calendar I will add alarms and notifications to ensure I am prepared for meetings and events. I will set a regular alarm in the morning to leave time for a morning ritual that sets me up for success.

Professional: I will partner with professionals in my field for inspiration, support and collaboration.

Positive: I will write out my daily gratitudes, set an intention not to complain and commit to choosing thoughts that serve me as part of my mindset practice.

Genuine: What I say and do will be real. It will be my truth, my perspective and no bullshit.

Productive: Social media and Netflix are out - scheduled self-care is in.

Loving: I am committed to meeting anger with compassion - particularly my own. I have a number of exercises and apps to help me with this.

Healthy: I am only as healthy as my thoughts. Everyday is a commitment to choosing healthy thoughts. Mindfulness helps me to identify my thoughts. I continue to learn about and practice physical health routines. ie. exercise, nutrition.

Inspired: My universe is a classroom. There is no end to opportunities to learn. Learning is evolving and evolving is my life’s purpose!

Friends… I challenge you to go through this process and see how your daily routine is a map for your life. What do you do each day that reflects who you are becoming? Do you like who you are becoming? Is your routine intentional? What needs to change to live your most amazing life?