Yoga &

Recovery Day …Coming this Spring…

A one-day retreat to practice yoga, mindfulness and share in the recovery experience together.

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We are all recovering from something... grief, illness, stress, divorce, addiction, anxiety, depression, change....
We will be practicing yoga, mindfulness and working together as a group to solve problems and provide support for each other as we heal and evolve.
This day is catered for breakfast and lunch with a beautiful vegan menu.
930am to 430pm at the Days Inn & Suites, Lindsay ON

In a most secure environment, Karyn led us through a variety of mindful practices and problem solving exercises. Following a full exploration of the brain and its functioning, and why we act or react as we do, we engaged in gentle yoga and movements to connect our bodies with our minds and spirits. I left Karyn’s Recovery Day feeling more empowered, more resilient and more ready to accept whatever surprises life may have in store for me
— Karin D.