Coaching offered me an opportunity to shift my perspective in order to determine a number of strategies for the present and a clear focus for my future. Coach Karyn helped me recover and ignite who I truly am in a supportive and responsive manner. She is insightful, listens deeply and offers a bounty of resources. I felt supported to be honest without being judged. Thank you for gently guiding me to find my vitality.
— Dr. P.S.
As someone that has been for counseling and therapy for a number of years now, I can’t speak highly enough of my time with Karyn and how much her coaching has made an impact on my life (for me, I needed something different!). Making that step to contact her is one I am forever grateful for. She has helped give me tools, strategies and steps towards goals and hurdles in my life. Her focus is on the future and making progress and building resiliency. I went into this thinking that her 12 week program would feel long, but I was wrong. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and talks…the time flew by. She made everything comfortable and manageable. If you’re sitting on the fence about coaching, make that call to her. You won’t regret it. I would definitely not be as far ahead in my goals and ideas for the future if it wasn’t for Karyn and her strategies. She is truly one of a kind and you will walk away calling her ‘friend’.
Working with Karyn was a really useful, enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I was feeling so stuck and dissatisfied with my life and coaching really helped me get feeling good again and moving in a direction that was truly best for me. It felt great to know I had someone in my corner that would objectively help me set some goals based on my situation, warmly hold me accountable to them, help get me moving when I got stuck, and encourage and cheer me on as I worked towards them. Karyn was kind, supportive and professional. I would definitely recommend you get in touch with her to see how she can help you get on the path to your best self again.
— Amanda K.
“Over the past several weeks I have had the pleasure of working with Karyn as her Mentor Coach. Karyn is a recovery coach with a huge heart and top notch coaching skills, her clients will be held in the greatest respect and honour. Be prepared to be heard and encouraged throughout your coaching engagement.
— Nicole Cameron, Personal Coach
Karyn is amazing to work with. There is a peace she exudes that provides a very comfortable and safe environment to discuss issues and to reflect on my past and current perspectives. Her summaries are accurate and she is professional. I feel lighter, enlightened and hopeful.
— current client, anonymous
In a most secure environment, Karyn led us through a variety of mindful practices and problem solving exercises. Following a full exploration of the brain and its functioning, and why we act or react as we do, we engaged in gentle yoga and movements to connect our bodies with our minds and spirits. I left Karyn’s Recovery Day feeling more empowered, more resilient and more ready to accept whatever surprises life may have in store for me
— Karin D.
Karyn is an excellent speaker and knowledgeable in the material that she shared with the class. She is inspirational and friendly and I’m encouraged to learn more. I will be seeing you in September for yoga.

— Elaine M.